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Zortrax launches a flame-retardant PPSU filament

24th July 2023
Harry Fowle

Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D printer is now compatible with a flame-retardant BASF Ultrafuse PPSU filament certified for use in the railway industry.

PPSU performs well in extreme thermal conditions and exhibits resistance to fire and chemicals, which make it perfect for hydraulic and aerospace applications as well. This is a yet another advanced polymer to join the broad portfolio of materials available on the Endureal, and has been launched within a long-term cooperation with BASF Forward AM.

Zortrax offers a wide variety of materials working with Zortrax Endureal industrial 3D printer. The portfolio encompasses basic classics like ABS or ULTRAT, engineering materials like BASF Ultrafuse PC/ABS FR, as well as metallic powder filaments and high-performance polymers, including the most demanding ones on the planet (PEEK, PEI, PAEK). Endureal also supports several advanced filaments with flame-retardant properties, such as Z-PEI 9085, BASF Ultrafuse PC/ABS FR, and Nanovia PC-ABS V0. Now this list is expanded even further with a unique BASF Ultrafuse PPSU filament.

The Ultrafuse PPSU filament complies with the EN 45545-2 railway classification and has been approved for use in the manufacturing of rail vehicles operating both on the surface and underground. The material also complies with the UL 94 norm and has a V0 rating. This means that all the end-use components 3D printed with Ultrafuse PPSU minimise the risk of spreading fire in vehicles in case of an emergency.

“BASF Ultrafuse PPSU is a high-performance material developed by BASF Forward AM specifically for extrusion-based 3D printing in railroad applications. This 3D printing filament passed numerous fire tests in line with the European railway standard (EN 45545-2), ensuring it is safe to manufacture such components as air ducts on locomotives, flaps, grilles, or streamlining parts. These all can be successfully 3D printed on Zortrax Endureal with PPSU, provided the filament is dried properly before use, and the printer’s build platform is covered with Magigoo HT adhesive,” underlines Daniel Dudenko, Senior 3D Printing Tester in Research and Development Department at Zortrax.

The newly introduced material is also characterised by superior dimensional accuracy, and it retains its properties and geometry when exposed to high temperatures and steam. Ultrafuse PPSU shows high resistance to oils, fluorine, coolants, lubricants, and fuels. Hence, besides railway, it will also be a perfect fit for multiple applications in aerospace, hydraulic and mechanical industries.

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