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4th April 2022
Beatrice O'Flaherty

SHINING 3D, a global provider of technologies for 3D digitisation and 3D inspection, expands its FreeScan UE series of blue laser Metrology 3D scanners with the FreeScan UE Pro.

Sunny Wong, Product Manager Industrial Products, SHINING 3D said: “Photogrammetry plays an important role in the 3D scanning of big objects, providing a guarantee of high accuracy. We fuse the power of laser and photogrammetry in the FreeScan UE Pro to provide a highly efficient all-in-one solution for large-scale 3D inspection and reverse engineering.” 

FreeScan UE Pro inherits the high-precision, metrology-grade accuracy, and lightweight design of FreeScan UE, while improving the ability of fine scanning and global precision control of large-scale workpiece scanning. It adopts 26+5+1 blue laser lines and has a built-in photogrammetric module. Taking into account speed, accuracy and details, this professional 3D metrology solution that can be applied to different sized scanning scenarios and perform metrology-grade accuracy inspection, reverse design, additive manufacturing and other applications.

Main features of the FreeScan UE Pro include:

  • Metrology-Grade High Accuracy - Accuracy up to 0.02mm, delivers consistent scanning results with high precision.
  • Global Precision Control - Integrated photogrammetry function, no need to apply reference points, quickly locks the spatial position of the target frame in large scene.
  • Multiple Scanning Modes - 13 cross laser lines to scan large objects quickly, 5 parallel laser lines to scan fine details, 1 single laser line for deep hole and narrow area scanning.
  • Easy Operation - Inheriting the lightweight and ergonomic design of the UE series, the user-friendly scanning software enables an easy operation and shortens the learning curve.
  • Wide Range of Material Adaptations - Supports scanning of black and high-reflective surfaces, reduces requirement of scanning spray, more efficient scanning process.
  • Fine and Rich Details - With higher resolution cameras and 5 parallel laser lines, FreeScan UE Pro enables rich feature object scanning and restores fine details more accurate.
  • OTA-Updates - Whenever there is a new update, a notification pops up to enable a direct download of the free software.
  • Seamless docking to inspection and design software - The scan data can be imported into all mainstream 3D inspection and design software programs, such as Geomagic Control X, Geomagic Design X, and Verisurf Inspect with one click, improving the workflow efficiency.

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