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How to 3D print a house in 24 hours

12th October 2017
Enaie Azambuja


The 3D building construction start-up Apis Cor with Russian developer Nikita Chen-iun-tai has recently printed a 38-square meter house in 24 hours. Chen-iun-tai has recently talked about this possibility at the Codex event 'World's top 50 innovators from the industries of the future', held in London on the 27th of September, 2017.

The printer measures 5.5 x 1.5 x 1, weights only 2.5 ton and could be assembled within 30 minutes. Saving around 80% of the total average cost over traditional construction methods, the company has set off to disrupt the entire $72 billion construction industry.

With 3D printed building, customers can print a house faster, cheaper and with higher quality. Thanks to additive construction, 3D printers can construct unique and complex shapes for the same cost of rectilinear ones. Besides, walls could be built with optimal internal supporting structures, such as sine waves or honeycomb.

As a result, concrete building can be assembled with almost 70% less raw materials, while offering better structural rigidity and customisation options.

Chen-iun-tai claims that the building lasts 175 years and it is possible to add materials, such as insulators or reinforcement, so as to customise the building characteristics to fit the customer's needs.

The installation of utilities can also be greatly simplified, due to the printed design, including the space for laying engineering communications. In addition, the 3D printer does not produce waste or debris during construction, improving the aftermath of the process.

Furthermore, 3D printing construction processes greatly reduce the number of personnel involved, reducing its costs on workers, servicing personnel and insurance. By eliminating human factors such as construction errors and personnel incompetence, the quality and reliability of the building can be further improved.

In the future, customers will be possible to customise their own houses, buy a 3D house printing service and have a new house built within one week, with the use of recycled eco-friendly materials, as well as leaving no waste or debris in the yard.

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