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3D printer filament produced from waste plastic

11th February 2015
Barney Scott

3D printing was one of the hottest tech trends of 2014 and, according to industry analysts, will rise over the next year. D3D Innovations has released a next-gen machine that allows users to produce 3D Printer ‘ink’ on demand. Quick, eco-friendly and cost effective, FilaFab Plastic Extruders address demand from hobbyists, educational institutes, polymer laboratories, engineers, architects and workshops.

For engineers wishing to save cash, FilaFab is a ‘must-have’ machine, according to D3D Innovations. Depending on the type of material used, creators can save up to 90% on the cost of ready-made filament.

Using cutting edge technology FilaFab transforms fresh or recycled plastic into high quality filament that can be used with most FFF 3D printers. FilaFab can produce customised filament to suit the needs of any project. With a variety of colours, diameters and materials at their disposal, engineers can create bespoke projects with an eco-friendly conscience.

Buyers can choose from two distinct models depending on individual requirements. The Pro 100 and Pro 350 can both be self-assembled and be printing filament in next to no time. Each kit comes with everything a creator needs to construct an operational filament production hub. This includes a powerful motor drive and interchangeable nozzles. Buyers can also opt to receive a fully assembled machine.

As well as being a cost effective way of producing filament on demand, FilaFab is also inherently eco-friendly. In addition to using fresh plastic, creators can also use recycled materials, general waste and old 3D prints to create sustainable filament. From bottles and cartons to containers and used enclosures, FilaFab gives creators the power to turn workshops into fully functional polymer recycling and filament production plants. Thanks to the global abundance of waste plastic, FilaFab is a failsafe way to ensure that printers never run out of filament.

The sleek low profile design makes FilaFab small enough to fit on a desktop and, with its robust all metal body and powder coated steel enclosure, FilaFab Plastic Extruders are built to last. Thanks to a one year warranty on all parts, customers enjoy the complete peace of mind that their investment is 100% protected.

“3D printing is the technology of the future, yet bringing projects to life can be incredibly expensive,” said Edward Clifford, Managing Director, D3D. “FilaFab offers 3D printer users a professional standard and environmentally friendly alternative to ready-made filament at a fraction of the cost. As 3D printing continues to take the world by storm we’re expecting FilaFab to emerge as a must have tool in workshops across the globe.”

Already FilaFab has created a buzz in the 3D printing sphere, showcased at the 3D Print Show as well as seen on Channel 4. FilaFab Pro 100 retails for £749 while the FilaFab Pro 350 retails for £1299.

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