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Solution for Topology Discovery with 10BASE-T1S

onsemi has recently released its first Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) device, the NCN26010, a 10BASE-T1S MAC-PHY transceiver. The NCN26010 offers a 10 Mbps data bandwidth over a single pair cable (i.e., 2 wires compared to 4-8 wires of a Cat-5 cable used in classic Ethernet). The NCN26010 can work in a multidrop (point-to-multipoint) topology, as defined by the 802.3cg standards.

The multidrop feature allows the communication of multiple nodes embedding 10BASE-T1S transceivers (more than 8 nodes with onsemi solution) on the same cable without using Ethernet switches. Physical collisions on cable are avoided thanks to the PLCA (Physical Layer Collision Avoidance) feature, which allows every node, in turn, a dedicated opportunity to transmit data. The benefit of the multidrop is also a significant cost and complexity reduction of customers’ systems with an easy-to-integrate 10BASE-T1S transceiver: cabling and switches cost reduction, installation, maintenance time reduction, and increased real-time performance.

Multidrop, however, also brings new challenges like assigning addresses, IDs, and roles to identical nodes connected at different locations on the same cable.

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