Application Note from onsemi

Introduction to 1200 V SiC MOSFET Modules for On-Board Charger Applications

As the trend in electric vehicle On−Board Charger (OBC) design moves rapidly to higher power and higher switching frequency operation, the demand for SiC MOSFETs for this application is also growing. Many high voltage discrete SiC MOSFETs are already in the marketplace and engineers are designing OBC systems to take advantage of their performance benefits. It is also noted that the changes in the PFC topology are remarkable.

Designers are adopting the Bridgeless PFC topology using the SiC MOSFET due to its superior switching performance and small reverse recovery characteristics.

Employing a SiC MOSFET module is known to provide benefits in terms of electrical and thermal performance as well as power density.

onsemi has shown outstanding performance in the automotive module design area using Si MOSFET technology and now initiates a line of SiC MOSFET modules to enable OBC design improvements, including a PFC and DC/DC modules using 1200 V SiC devices.

In this application note, these modules are introduced, and guidance is provided for employing this new line of modules.

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