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ECS640 ecoSpin™ brushless DC motor controller

By combining control and driver functions in a highly-integrated System-in-Package (SiP) solution, the ECS640A brushless DC motor controller greatly simplifies the development of high-voltage motor control systems including those deployed in HVAC, refrigeration and robotics. The unprecedented flexibility and integration in a single IC package truly redefines BLDC (brushless DC) motor control performance in an extremely small form-factor.

The first member of the ecoSpin™ family, the ECS640A is a three-phase BLDC motor controller designed for reliable high-voltage operation up to 600 Volts. The ECS640A features an embedded gate driver as well as an ARM® Cortex® M0+processor.

This allows the ECS640A to support traditional motor control techniques, but most notably, the SiP is capable of also driving a more complex ‘Direct Torque and Flux Control’ (DTFC) algorithm supporting high voltage and power via a scalable 3-phase half-bridge topology. In fact, running DTFC on an ARM Cortex M0+ is an industry first. It supports communication interfaces SPI, UART, I2C and GPIOs, and can receive a wide variety of complex proprietary protocols down to general purpose motor speed profile commands and feedback system performance related information. Exhibiting versatility, sensorless and sensored operation are both supported. DTFC allows the user to utilize sensorless topologies at high speeds as well as very precise torque control at very low rpm.

The ECS640A embedded 600V gate driver and dedicated motor control engine is able to issue the required DTFC PWM modulation to external discrete power FETs or IGBTs and capture the motor’s corresponding 3-phase currents through external shunt current feedback. These 3 motor current signals can be conditioned internally using the embedded op-amp structure ideally paired to the ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller to reduce losses. The unprecedented flexibility and integration in a single IC package redefines BLDC motor control performance in an extremely small form-factor of 10x13 mm. Moreover, the device’s compact footprint allows for optimized power stage placement and reduced noise.

The highly integrated QFN surface-mount solution reduces time-to-market by eliminating the need for design cycles on the microcontroller, gate driver, bootstrap diode and op-amp selection during design, and simplifies solution reuse when scaling BLDC motor power level requirements. Reliability is improved by replacing many of the larger, more complex devices while at the same time shrinking PCB routing area to deliver an overall compact solution.

Offering even further opportunities and creating market winning opportunities, onsemi has collaborated with Theta Power Systems International to empower customers’ BLDC motor system solutions. A modular approach delivers time-to-market advantage and is designed to incorporate AI features. Firmware is available in the form of library routines. Optimized algorithms offer motor control solutions for various applications such as refrigeration compressors, washing machines, HVAC, dishwasher pump motors and associated applications. Custom firmware is tuned to customers’ parameters, delivering highly efficient control to meet and out-perform energy efficiency standards. Motor tuning can reduce size, cost, audible noise, and complexity. The user-friendly interface reduces firmware development time and fine tuning.

The onsemi ECS640A is an easy to use, multi−purpose 3−phase BLDC controller/driver. The small footprint simplifies board layout and enables scalable power levels with discrete power devices. The controller supports trapezoidal, sinusoidal, and FOC commutation and has an industry first DTFC on an ARM Cortex M0+ uC processor. Reducing costs, it offers optimized gate drivers for 320-140V 400V BLDCs, it heralds increased integration for BOM reduction, and it provides tools to accelerate the design process. In short, it brings intelligent design, higher performance, cost effectiveness and design flexibility to BLDC motor control.

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