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ES June 2024

New measures expected to set a global standard on how to bolster protections of AI models from hacking and sabotage were unveiled recently by the UK Government.

During a speech at CYBERUK, Technology Minister Saqib Bhatti announced two new codes of practice to help developers improve cyber security in AI models and software. The codes set out requirements for developers to make their products resilient against tampering, hacking, and sabotage, aiming to boost confidence in the use of AI models across various industries.

In the past 12 months, half of businesses (50%) and a third of charities (32%) reported cyber breaches or attacks, with phishing being the most common type of breach. The new codes showed developers how software could be built securely, with the aim of preventing attacks like the one on MoveIT software in 2023, which compromised sensitive data in thousands of organisations worldwide.

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