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Women increasingly use Web3 as crypto becomes more inclusive

2nd November 2022
Sheryl Miles

“Women are becoming much more inclined to jump on Web3 as it now becomes less techy are much more user friendly,” according to NFT.LONDON panellist and Head of Community and Governance at London’s thriving DLT Lounge, Janine Subgang. “The Web3 scene is really trying to make an effort to move towards a more inclusive, safer world.

“Inclusive structures mean it's safe for women to get involved in Web3 communities now.

“Women are largely driving the creation of these inclusive Web3 structures because they are more attuned to potential dangers and pitfalls,” says Janine. “What I love most is the willingness to learn and listen to other perspectives in the NFT space.

"It's really nobody's fault, Crypto has been a male-dominated space for so long that many issues simply got overlooked because men wouldn't experience or think about them. But in this space, everyone is so eager to listen and learn. I think that's why more and more women are joining. We’re able to share our perspective, even if sometimes uncomfortable for the other side, and are taken seriously. Traditional Finance and Big Corporates have a lot to catch up to with in this regard".

German-born, London-based Janine, 24 years, has risen through the Web3 ranks in rocket time coming from a Psychology and entrepreneurship background.

250 women are speaking at the NFT.LONDON conference at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre (2022).

Subjects include Film, Fashion, Music, Art, Investing, Sport and NFTs for Good.

“There’s truly something for everyone,” says Janine. “In literally no time from now, I believe that we will go from saying NFT ‘ticket’ or 'utility' to just 'ticket' or 'utility' in the same way MP3 Music is now simply called ‘music’.

“The barriers will then truly come down and everyone will be using an NFT product, whether they realise it or not.

“NFTs will simply provide the ultimate way for people to feel a sense of belonging and have ownership”.

The student-developed Oxford University start-up VitaeGum Janine was involved with, just won the ‘Tech Oscar’ via WLOUNGE in the Gen Z category with Janine as Co-founder and Commerical lead.

Janine also invests in student start-ups as a director of ASIF Ventures in Amsterdam.

At the DLT Lounge in Canary Wharf, London Janine regularly runs mentoring and motivational classes for Web3 start-ups. And many of those are now led by women.

“There are limitless possibilities,” says Janine. “Eventually all companies will be Web3 companies”.

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