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Women are making Web3 work for them

8th March 2023
Sheryl Miles

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Electronic Specifier recognises the contributions and achievements of women in Web3.

Women are a traditionally underrepresented group in the world of tech, and the relatively new concept of Web3 – a platform to create, collaborate, and innovate without having to rely on traditional corporate structures – is growing in popularity among women.

As an emerging technology, Web3 offers more opportunities for women to participate in the early-stage development – a point where they can make a difference and have their voices heard – making it a more diverse and inclusive culture from the outset. In fact, women are already playing a pivotal role in the development of Web3 technologies and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Web3 itself is a term used to describe the emerging decentralised internet, which is powered by blockchain technology. This digital infrastructure could potentially change the way we interact with the internet by creating an open, secure, and transparent platform for data and value exchange.

Continuing the future success of Web3

As with any technical role, it cannot be achieved by a single person or department. It takes a collaboration of minds to make a vision a reality and the opportunities to join Web3 in a business, creative, or tech capacity, to name a few, are numerous.

Already, women are working to create a better understanding of Web3 within government, industry and civil society, and leading efforts to ensure Web3 is used ethically and responsibly.

The Web3 space is still very much in its infancy, but with the right support and encouragement, there is no limit to what women can contribute to the space.

However, with any STEM industry – whether emerging or established - to ensure the voices of women are heard, and the women themselves are fully supported to participate in industry, more role models and mentors are needed. Not only this, but organisations too must offer more training and education opportunities, as well as initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in Web3.

Women play an integral role in Web3, and in ensuring it is an equitable environment and that it becomes a platform for innovation, opportunity and progress.

Here we take a look at six such women changing the face of Web3 from all directions.

Janine Subgang

German-born, London-based Web3 connector, Janine has risen through the Web3 ranks in rocket time coming from a Psychology and entrepreneurship background.

Krista Kim

Co-Founder of 0.xyz a Web3.0 innovation lab and a Web 2.5 Metaverse studio. Krista is a contemporary artist, a TEDx speaker, Metaverse editor for Vogue Singapore and founder of Techism.

Cathy Hackl

Founder & Chief Metaverse Officer at Journey and the author of Navigating the Metaverse. Journey works with the world's top brands to build immersive Web3 experiences.

Elizabeth Stark

A fan of open source, decentralised protocols, CEO and Co-Founder of Lighting Labs, Elizabeth Stark, is building a programmable financial layer for the internet with fast, scalable bitcoin transactions. She is an advisor to numerous cryptocurrency companies and initiatives.

Laura Shin

Is a prolific crypto/blockchain journalist and host of the ‘Unchained’ podcast. She has also been a senior editor at Forbes and one of the first mainstream reporters to cover crypto assets full time.

Iris ten Teije

An entrepreneurial marketer and business developer, Iris co-founded Meva – a customer support programme for Web3 companies.

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