Women in Tech

41% of women are worried that AI could replace their role

7th June 2024
Paige West

Nearly half of women working in technology fear that AI could replace their roles, according to a new report.

The World Economic Forum anticipate that up to one billion jobs will be transformed by technology over the next decade, creating a pressing need for upskilling and reskilling in areas such as AI. This need was specifically highlighted by social enterprises Code First Girls and Tech Talent Charter.

Sai Bendi, Software Development Manager, Encompass Corporation, commented: "It's of serious concern that women feel at risk of being left behind, especially in today's evolving technology landscape, and businesses must take responsibility for addressing challenges and obstacles head on. It's crucial that they prioritise offering support to women in tech to ensure they feel heard and encouraged to progress in their desired career.

 “The gender gap that exists across the sector is an issue that continues to be a key talking point.

“While the acceleration of new technologies, such as Generative AI, has the potential to act as a driver for significant transformation across industries, in order for individuals to progress, it is important that employers focus on providing the learning and development support needed to be able to keep up with change and feel confident to best utilise the solutions at play.

“With so much to offer, women have a critical role to play at the heart of the advancement of the innovation. It's by feeling valued and supported – through tailored training, support networks and flexible working policies – that they will be in a position to embrace their skills in the era of transformation.”

“Upskilling and reskilling are not optional, they are essential. By prioritising professional development, we can empower women to confidently embrace AI and other emerging technologies.

“Strategic learning initiatives benefit both employees and the organisation. By helping women navigate and lead in the AI-driven future, we drive innovation and progress in the tech sector. Together, we can create an industry where everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed."



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