Tech4CV19 - The Call to Arms webinar

30th June 2020
Lanna Cooper

Tech4CV19 is a volunteer group of digital health and social care leaders helping to get the right healthcare tech to the right place. This webinar will introduce Tech4CV19, the call to arms to support both tech suppliers and care organisations during COVID-19 and share examples of companies who pivoted to provide additional support.

The webinar will ask how we can continue this level of collaboration and can we sustain this shift in working practices to benefit all in the future? 

The expert speakers include: 

Chair: Nicola-Haywood Alexander, Co founder, Tech4CV19  


  • Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Lead, Healthcare UK
  • Steven Killick, Product Manager, WiFi Spark  
  • Pramod Prabhakaran, NHS Consultant Neuropsychiatrist/International Business & Partnerships, Imperial College Health Partners
  • Katz Kiely, Founder,Frontline Live
  • Mat Oram, CEO and Co-founder, AdviseInc

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