Live webinars with iC-Haus encoder IC experts

26th February 2021
Alex Lynn

iC-Haus has announced that it is launching a new webinar series on optical and magnetic encoders in the middle of March 2021. Our experts will present the latest application-oriented encoder IC technologies and demonstrate them live. The webinars are offered in English and are aimed at people who are interested in innovative position sensor technology and encoder ICs, and who would like to learn how to use iC-Haus encoder chips in their own solutions. In the Q&A session, the experts will answer individual questions from the chat room or auditorium.

More information about the free webinar offering, content, dates, and registration options can be found on the iC-Haus website.

iC-Haus’ first encoder IC webinar will take place on March 16th, 9:30 to 10:15 AM (CET). Silvan Ettle and Goran Pandza will speak on the subject of ‘Reflective Absolute Encoders for Precise Linear and Hollow Shaft Position Measurements’; both are established experts in encoder ICs and microsystems at iC-Haus. They will introduce the iC-PZ series and give an overview of mounting tolerances, autocalibration, interfaces, and more.

The encoder chips are characterised by the lens-less sensor design and smart on-chip signal processing. The speakers will also explain the advantages of FlexCode and Flex Count. Thanks to these features, the ABZ resolution can be freely chosen and the sensors support any code disc diameter for almost all encoder sizes. This next-generation encoder platform is thus universally applicable and the design-in effort is significantly reduced. Participants will get an idea of the performance of the iC-PZ Series in live demos of both linear and hollow-shaft applications.

The second encoder IC webinar will take place on March 23rd, 2021, 09:30 to 10:30 AM (CET) and will cover the topic: ‘Battery Buffered Magnetic Absolute Encoders from Gear Wheels or Incremental Scales’. In this webinar, Joachim Quasdorf and Patrick Stahl will talk about encoder ICs and interpolation modules as application engineers with profound practical knowledge.

They will present the new battery-buffered Hall Encoder Sensor iC-PVS and show how it can be combined with the downstream interpolator iC-TW29. With these iCs, users of magnetic position sensors can now even more easily realise high-resolution absolute encoders for hollow shafts or magnetic incremental length measuring systems.

The iC-PVS will be demonstrated live both as a stand-alone application and in combination with the iC-TW29 in a laboratory application. The new iC-PVS encoder integrates a 56-bit period counter with low power consumption and a configurable Hall array front end that can be flexibly adapted to different magnetic pole spacing’s or gears.

iC-Haus is further expanding its webinar offering this year. On May 18th, 2021, 09:30 to 10:00 AM (CET), a webinar with Uwe Malzahn will be held on the topic: ‘Taking Time of Flight (ToF) Measuring to a New Level with Ultra Short Laser Pulses’. Participants will learn how the new iC-HS Laser Driver Series has succeeded in generating laser pulses from 100 ps to 5 ns with a resolution of 1 ps by exploiting the "Gain Switching" effect.

Uwe Malzahn, who is responsible for laser ICs at iC-Haus, will show short-pulse generation in a live demo in his lecture and also explain the many possible applications of the new laser drivers, which range from precise ToF distance measurement and short-pulse LiDAR to 3D scanners and innovative optoacoustic imaging processes in medical technology.

More information about the free webinar offers, contents, dates and registration options can be found on the iC-Haus website.

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