Improving NVH and thermal energy management in electric/hybrid cars

23rd June 2020
Lanna Cooper

In a free one-hour webinar to be hosted at 12.00 BST (07.00 EST / 13.00 CET) on 30th June, Ricardo will present a holistic approach to the engineering of electrified vehicle powertrains, achieving optimal product design by balancing multiple trade-offs between thermal and NVH vehicle attributes.

With the increasing electrification of passenger car powertrains as manufacturers strive to reduce emissions and improve fuel and energy efficiency, the development of new products requires an unprecedentedly complex and nuanced balancing of engineering trade-offs.

In this free one-hour webinar, Ricardo experts will share their experience of actively shaping the development of holistic thermal management and NVH in order to reduce energy consumption. Many of insights to be shared in this webinar have been gained through Ricardo’s work on a range of collaborative R&D projects as well as via the company’s own targeted research programme.

The webinar will focus on the thermal and NVH issues faced by engineers developing new battery electric, and conventional and plug-in hybrid powertrain cars (xEVs). These include the trade-off in consumer satisfaction between reduced powertrain noise and more prominent audible sound from HVAC systems; the influences of battery pack integration on vehicle structural dynamic performance; electric driveline whining noise; the need to engineer powertrains for maximum efficiency ultrafast charging, and engineering cabin climate control and heating for maximum passenger comfort and energy efficiency.    

The webinar will also provide information on tools and techniques used to reduce the development time and cost of future xEVs thermal and NVH technologies. Ricardo will demonstrate that by the use of a holistic thermal management approach with model predictive control and extended electronic horizon, the consequential improvement in pure EV range in cold conditions could be up to 20%.

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