How e-health innovations have helped fight the pandemic

24th June 2020
Lanna Cooper

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has radically accelerated the adoption of digital health solutions, with many experts believing that this shift towards digital practices will be a long term reformthat otherwise might have taken years to implement.

This webinar, hosted by NBSO Manchester, will explore the current developments in e-health and how the UK and the Netherlands can work together to share solutions to the same challenges.

The webinar will provide you with:

  • An extensive overview of the current UK healthcare market and how companies can engage with care providers
  • Real life examples of what existing innovations are successfully being implemented in the Netherlands to fight the pandemic, as well as improving patient outcomes in a wider perspective
  • A gateway to connect with British and Dutch organisations to build stronger international relationships

There will be an opportunity to hear from the following digital experts:

Chair: Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Lead, Healthcare UK


  • Dr Linda Magee OBE, NHS Investment Specialist, Healthcare UK
  • Professor Dr. Nico Van Meeteren, Executive Director and Secretary General, Health~Holland
  • Pramod Prabhakaran, NHS Consultant Neuropsychiatrist/International Business & Partnerships, Imperial College Health Partners
  • Omar Butt, Innovation Account Lead,Imperial College Health Partners
  • Yosef Safi Harb, Founder, Happitech
  • Thomas Timmers MSc, Founder & Researcher, Patient Journey App

Register now to join the discussion on what is needed to maintain the digital momentum and ask questions to the panel on the future of e-health.

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