Highlights of IDTechEx Energy Storage Research 2020

30th October 2020
Lanna Deamer

Energy storage is a broad term and the energy can be stored in different forms. With the mature application of consumer electronics, rapid progress of electric vehicles, and fast adoption of stationary energy storage systems, energy storage (especially electrochemical energy storage) has attracted tremendous attention from the public.

IDTechEx has been tracking the development of energy storage for more than a decade and the focuses of IDTechEx research are within three aspects: technology, application, and form factors, which help to cover a wide range of energy-storage-related innovations, progresses, analysis and evaluation. In this webinar, you will hear the hot topics of 2020 in the area of energy storage.

Some highlights will include:

  • Introduction of IDTechEx's research on energy storage
  • Market and status of flexible, thin-film and printed batteries
  • Introduction of solid-state batteries
  • Li-ion market and technology development, Li-ion battery recycling, Li-ion battery patents
  • Supercapacitor development
  • Redox flow batteries and their markets
  • Hydrogen economy and fuel cells
  • Potential stationary energy storage technologies

IDTechEx will be hosting the same webinar three times in one day, so please join which ever session is the most convenient for you. Spaces are limited.

Date: Tuesday 17 November 2020

Duration: 40 minutes

Webinar times

Session #1 - Asia-Pacific 2:00am (Your Local Time GMT+0) 2:00am (London Time) Register

Session #2 - Europe 10:00am (Your Local Time GMT+0) 10:00am (London Time) Register

Session #3 - Americas 5:00pm (Your Local Time GMT+0) 5:00pm (London Time) Register

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