Die attach materials for power electronics in EVs

24th September 2020
Lanna Cooper
The electric vehicle market is expanding. As a consequence, the market for power modules within all manners of electric vehicles is expanding. This, in turn, will translate into rising demand for materials, including die attach materials, used in power electronic packages and modules.

The following IDTechEx Webinar, presented by Senior Technology Analyst Luke Gear, will cover:

  • Electric vehicle growth and expansion
  • Introduction to key trends in EV power electronics and the link to die attach technology
  • Technology evolution of die and substrate attach paste
  • Power modules in EVs
This webinar shares some of the research from the new IDTechEx report, 'Die Attach Materials for Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles 2020-2030'.
IDTechEx will be hosting the same webinar three times on Thursday 24th September 2020, so please join which ever session is the most convenient for you. Spaces are limited.

Webinar times

Session #1 - Asia-Pacific
2:00am (Your Local Time GMT+1)
2:00am (London Time)
Session #2 - Europe
10:00am (Your Local Time GMT+1)
10:00am (London Time)
Session #3 - Americas
5:00pm (Your Local Time GMT+1)
5:00pm (London Time)

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