Advanced coating technologies for IoT sensors

13th July 2020
Lanna Cooper

Specialty Coating Systems (SCS) has announced that it is hosting a webinar on 4th August, 2020 at 2p.m. EDT. The webinar, 'Advanced Coating Technologies for IoT Sensors in Harsh Environments', will be presented by Rakesh Kumar, Vice President of Technology, and Aaron Thomas, Director of Market Segments. 

The recent growth of intelligent IoT devices highlights the need for advanced protection in electronics. Consumer wearable devices (e.g., smartwatches, fitness trackers, etc.) utilise barometric, temperature and altitude sensors, and worker safety is often enhanced by advanced industrial sensors. These technologies, and others, require a high level of ingress protection from a wide variety of gasses, moisture and chemicals.

This webinar will provide an overview of Parylene coatings and protected applications across multiple industries, with a specific focus on its use in 'smart' sensors and IoT devices. It will also provide an overview of the unique properties and benefits of Parylene.

The webinar is now open for registration here.

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