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Tektronix at embedded world 2023

16th March 2023
Harry Fowle

At embedded world 2023, Lee Morgan, Senior Technical Marketing Manager, at Tektronix talks to Electronic Specifier's Editor, Mick Elliott, about the MSO2 oscilloscope and its new features.

2-series MSO oscilloscope

At just 1.5” thick and weighing in at less than 4lbs, the Tektronix MSO2 oscilloscope is a full-featured, real-time touchscreen oscilloscope in a compact, portable form that has a tablet-like feel to it.

The oscilloscope has a great array of features at its disposal:

  • Compact for daily debug and testing
  • Touchscreen interface and controls
  • Comprehensive debugging tools
  • Comprehensive analysis features with fast insight
  • Optional accessories to add even more versatility
  • Software for sharing, collaboration, and further analysis
  • Pulse generator and arbitrary waveform generator

According to Morgan, “It’s the usability that really sets the 2-series apart, the touch screen is very fluid, the user interface is very simple to learn and use, but also it’s the ability to mount it on a Visa arm which takes up very little room on your bench.”

Tektronix was also excited to demonstrate an expansion on its initial launch, the option to make the oscilloscope battery-powered. “Now with two batteries in it you can have a full eight hours worth of testing whilst even being able to hot-swap the batteries,” says Morgan.

“The battery pack available on the 2-series is a simple case of just bolting it on the back and you can be away from a power source and do the same testing,” continues Morgan.

Beyond just these features, the oscilloscope has a variety of ways to control it the device. Whilst the touch screen is handy, there are also analogue options, as well as the capability to plug in a USB mouse and use that to control it.

The MSO22 comes with a 70-500MHz bandwidth, 2 analogue channels, 16 digital channels, an up to 2.5GS/s sample rate, and 10m record length. THE MSO24 comes with a 70-500MHz bandwidth, 4 analogue channels, 16 digital channels, an up to 2.5GS/s sample rate, and 10m record length. Both are configurable.

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