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Seica at productronica 2023

16th November 2023
Paige West

At productronica 2023, Luca Corli, Sales Director at Seica, talks to Electronic Specifier’s Mick Elliott about battery pack testing, some of the challenges, and the solutions Seica offer.

Accelerating innovation has always been a touchstone of Seica’s approach to providing solutions to the electronics industry, so visitors to Seica’s booth at productronica 2023 have seen full alignment with this year’s theme in the latest, completely automated test solutions on display in Booth A1-445 as well as the fully automated selective soldering and optical inspection solutions on show at the Seica Automation Booth A3-335.

The PILOT VX test platform on display in Booth A1-445 is the new gold standard in terms of flying probe speed and performance. New, mechanical architecture and motion controllers enable a reduction of up to 50% in test time, 12 multi-function test heads provide the capability for double-side probing of up to 44 points simultaneously and technologically advanced measurement hardware and a new microwave-based measurement technique provide quality test performance.

Optimised VIVA software management saves even more time by enabling the parallelisation of different types of tests, and smart analysis capabilities together, with algorithms based on the principles of artificial intelligence can automatically optimise the test flow in run-time, while maintaining test coverage targets. The FlyPod option extends testing capability even more by specialising a single mobile probe to carry up to 14 channels, enabling access to boundary scan circuits and adding onboard programming capability without any external fixed cables and the Pilot VX  platform includes options for testing flex circuits and the electrical and optical test of LEDs. In addition, the Pilot VX can also generate pressure/force topology maps of the device under test using the innovative FlyStrain option. Once a necessity for traditional fixture-based solutions, Seica has migrated these new tools to the flying prober where testing of ceramics, wafers and avionics and satellite boards requires delicate probing and traceability.

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