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Pico Technology at embedded world 2023

20th March 2023
Kristian McCann

At embedded world 2023, James Mackey, Technical Content Creator at Pico Technology talks to Electronic Specifier's Editor, Mick Elliott, about Pico's new software in oscilloscopes.

"This is PicoScope 7; this is the new addition for the PicoScope software. We had PicoScope 6 before and now we have an entirely different interface, and hopefully we have feature parity from the previous version." Mackey tells Elliot. 

PicoScopes are high-quality oscilloscopes available with a range of resolutions from 8 bits to 16 bits. The highest-resolution models have the greatest accuracy, but you can get great results from any model of PicoScope with careful use of the PicoScope 7 software. Resolution Enhance in PicoScope 7 is produced by a digital moving-average filter that smooths out high-frequency components of the input, including quantisation error and noise, to generate higher effective resolution. 

The UI, as Mackey goes on to say, is entirely different. "It's a better experience, more intuative, and made to be a lot better looking. Plus, it's made to be touchscreen compatible for all those users who use tablets and things like that."

But that's not the best benefits of the PicoScope 7, as Mackey tells Elliott. Automation tools for testing a measurement to get more done in a day, variety of deep measuring tools to look through previous wave forms and all USB compatible which allow free software download for free off of the Pico Technology website.

The software, as mentioned, is currently on their website as the stable version, and it drew lots of attention from attendees at the show.

“We’re constantly trying to push the boundaries of what these PicoScopes can do, what features we can fit into the software and the capabilities of our hardware.” Mackey concluded.

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