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MicroCare at productronica 2019

14th November 2019
Alex Lynn

At Productronica Electronic Specifier’s Mick Elliott got to speak with Thomas Tattersall, Executive Vice President and COO at MicroCare, where they are debuting their newest product called Tergo, which is being released in Germany.

Microcare has adopted a focus on sustainable cleaning solutions, evolving the product line in order to meet stringent environmental regulations. The cleaning solutions are part of a larger process, with Microcare’s cleaning chemicals being used in an automated machine which is designed to use very little energy. This combination means that both the machines and the chemicals are able to meet the tight guidelines as the energy is minimised. Also, Microcare’s products can be recycled or reused, further adding to their sustainability.

This sustainability focus is part of a wider ranging on-going strategy the company has had since its origin.

In the video below, Tattersall also explains Microcare’s strategy for using a trigger grip to turn a high pressured aerosol can into a low pressured can, which allowed people to wet, scrub, rinse and dry; thus putting a process on manual cleaning. By doing this, the process uses more chemistry, which saves the user money and decreases workers’ exposure to chemicals.

Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid is being debuted at Productronica by Microcare. Microcare decided to create a product that had no chlorine on any of the molecules as in Germany, the presence of chlorine has recently come under pressure when getting products approved in the country.

Tattersall explained: “This was a big step for us, because the traditional chemistry that’s been around for years has come under fire in Germany, and so this is good, exciting stuff for us.”

Tergo Chlorine Free Cleaning Fluid will be available globally.

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