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Fully automatic rotary table system

2nd July 2020
Lanna Deamer

Seica has announced a new video online, showcasing the new Compact RT Next Series, a fully automatic Rotary Table based system, suitable for medium/high volume production. The COMPACT RT, 450mm wide, has been designed to provide immediate in-line robot integration to reduce the impact of DUT LOADING/UNLOADING times.

The system can work in automatic mode (by robot/cobot) or manual mode (by operator). Due to its versatility and its modular design, different automated handling line concepts can be implemented: more systems can be aligned or can be placed in circle.

All of the solutions on display include Seica’s VIVA NEXT software platform, which is able to provide intelligent integration with all aspects of the customer’s manufacturing processes - data collection, traceability, interaction with MES, repair operations - and all of the Next> series systems have Canavisia’s Industrial Monitoring solution on board, for remote monitoring of current and voltage consumption, mains supply, temperature, light indicators and other parameters useful to indicate correct operation, provide information for predictive maintenance and, in general, to render the systems compatible with today’s Industry 4.0 standards.

Please see the video below.

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