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Farnell at embedded world 2023

20th March 2023
Harry Fowle

At embedded world 2023, Rob Rospedzihowski, President sales EMEA at Farnell, an Avnet Company talks to Electronic Specifier's Editor, Mick Elliott, about how the year's been for Farnell so far and how they see it going forward.

With Q1 2023 coming to a close, Rospedzihowski was happy to discuss how things have been here in Europe and the landscape of the current market.

Current trends

Despite there being concerns over the ongoing war in Ukraine, overall the EMEA market seems to be boding well for Farnell, especially in the UK. Rospedzihowski notes how certain markets are doing great thus far.

“What we are seeing is applications linked to the military market, cameras, detection, sensors, industrial businesses and transportation,” are growing says Rospedzihowski.

“Very much though, I would say it’s all about green and the environment. We are seeing increased demand in that area, how to make the environment better, be more ecologically friendly, and a growth in green,” explains Rospedzihowski.

Additionally, Farnell has seen a stark increase in the amount of focus on semiconductor parts being used in various applications. More microchips, microcontrollers, memory, flash, FPJs, etc. Something Rospedzihowski describes as being “at the forefront” of the current market.

Areas of interest

At their stand Farnell had some key area of focus, these being the solutions regarding intelligence, eMobility, and embedded computing.

For intelligence, Farnell is focussed on intelligent industrial solutions and how these can help to streamline processes, improve efficiency, enhance safety, and create more flexibility across industry.

Farnell also is honing on eMobility in relation to smarter car charging, vehicle-to-grid integration, and lightning-fast DC charging, its eMobility solutions hope to drive the future of sustainable transportation.

Finally, embedded computer making use of Raspberry Pi are also of key importance to Farnell. With a focus on high performance, low power consumption, and compact design, Raspberry Pi is revolutionising the way Farnell thinks about technology.

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