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Digi-Key at Embedded World with Raspberry Pi

23rd June 2022
Kiera Sowery

At embedded world 2022, on the Digi-Key booth, Paige West speaks with Dr. Eben Upton, CEO and Founder, Raspberry Pi about the beneficial features of the Raspberry Pi, some of the exciting projects that utilise it as well as a new microcontroller that was launched in January last year.

For the home vs the industry

Raspberry Pi was originally conceived as a platform for getting young people excited about computers again. This fed through into a generation of university students and design engineers. As the excitement ebbed away, universities and industry were struggling to recruit, which is where Raspberry Pi has come from, the education and hobbyist space.

Over the past decade, there has been a greater industrial acceptance of Raspberry Pi as a platform, and its products for industrial computing. Many of the hobbysits that were using Raspberry Pi back in its early days are professional design engineers. Much of this enthusiasm for the company has come from them, taking the product with them from their personal lives.

Raspberry Pi has taken cutting-edge computer silicon, added a polished software environment (Raspberry Pi OS), and offered products at a great price point at low volumes.

Raspberry Pi leverages technology designed for the mobile phone industry, taking the core compute functionality of a mobile phone platform and presenting it as a single board computer. Over the years, the silicon has been customised to give it a higher processing power, memory, add dual band wireless and Bluetooth.

Microcontroller: RP2040

Historically, Raspberry Pi has been an electronic product manufacturer. The RP2040 builds Raspberry Pi's commitment to inexpensive, efficient computing into a small and powerful 7mm x 7mm package, with just two square millimetres of 4onm silicon.

Raspberry Pi Pico

A development board for RP2040, Raspberry Pi Pico features drag and drop programming over USB, 26 accessible, multi-function GPIO pins, and all the innovative functions available with Raspberry Pi RP2040. 

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