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Digi-Key at embedded world 2023 with Analog Devices

17th March 2023
Harry Fowle

At embedded world 2023, on the Digi-Key booth, Paige West speaks with Frederik Dostal, Power Specialist at Analog Devices about how to build a low-noise power supply.

Why does noise matter?

Switch mode power supplies are almost certain to generate noise, and limiting this noise is crucial, not only for the reduction of noise pollution but also to make sure that the systems in place work as intended.

“If you generate too much noise, then your whole system might not work as intended. Let’s say you have a signal path with low amplitude signals in your system and there’s noise being picked up from the power supply – then your system might not work right,” explains Dostal.

On top of just practical reasons, there is also concerns regarding regulations that need to be met by all products. For a product to be launched onto the market and sold, it much reach certain EMI standards and EMI classes.

The types of noise

“There are two large differentiating types of noise. There’s the conducted noise and there’s the radiated noise, both are important and one can lead to the other,” says Dostal.

Conducted noise is noise that is transmitted alongside signals in power supply lines, whereas radiated noise is noise that emanates from equipment in the form of electric, magnetic, or electromagnetic fields.

Solutions by Analog Devices

In creating a solution to this problem, Analog Devices has developed the Silent Switcher technology, noise-cancelling technology that aims to improve EMI performance in noise-sensitive applications to increase system efficiency, output ripple, solution size, and performance.

The Silent Switcher regulators combine a high efficiency of up to 96% and low noise performance without compromising on size or additional requirements.

The Silent Switchers currently come in three models:

  • The LT8640A with Silent Switcher 1 Technology, featuring 42V, 5A/8A Peak Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher with 2.5μA Quiescent Current
  • The LT8652S with Silent Switcher 2 Technology, featuring Dual-Channel 8.5 A, 18 V, Synchronous Step-Down Silent Switcher Regulator with 16 µA Quiescent Current
  • The LT8625S with Silent Switcher 3 Technology, featuring 18V/8A Step-Down Silent Switcher 3 with Ultralow Noise

These Switchers currently have a wide range of markets and applications such as industrial, instrumentation and measurement, communications, automotive, healthcare, intelligent buildings, aerospace and defence, data centres, and energy.

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