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Digi-Key at Embedded World 2022 with Broadcom

22nd June 2022
Kiera Sowery

At Embedded World 2022, on the Digi-Key booth, Paige West speaks with Anton Sonneveld, Business Development Manager (LED) – EMEA, Broadcom about the company's LED portfolio.

Broadcom's main LED markets are industrial and electronic signs and signalling. Key benefits of LED technology are their reliability, energy efficiency and long lifetime. The transition is already happening in other areas including advertisement signs.

Fulfilling traffic regulations EN12996 and railway specs EN15153

The beam angle is important in this kind of traffic regulation, a minimum of 30 degrees. The colour of the LED itself also has to be within a specific range.

LEDs are generally made from two different materials depending on their application. For LEDs in harsh environments, they are made from epoxy material to withstand pollution and protect the LED itself. Other LEDs are made from silicone, which is weaker meaning there is a risk of this type of pollution making its way inside.

While releasing an LED, Broadcom undergoes some lifetime tests, usually lasting 6,000 hours minimum. This allows them to see the degradation of the LED over that time. Also, Broadcom check for fallout during production time, ensuring parts are getting qualified. This ensures reliability and performance of its products in such applications.

Additionally, there are parts with materials, such as epoxy, to ensure products have a higher lifespan.

Benefits of PLCC infrared LEDs

Mainly used as parts for medical and clinical applications, the PLCC IR LEDs have a requirement for a range of 820-830mm or 870-890mm. This is because they must have specific wavelengths to detect for certain things. Usually between 850-940mm is industry standard.

Sonneveld outlined the key benefits of LED technology stating they are a reliable, energy efficient part with a long lifetime. The transition is already happening in other areas including advertisement signs.

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