Series 6: Episode 8 – AI and Automation in manufacturing documentation

24th February 2022
Sam Holland

Charlotte Morgan talks with Lewis Liu, the Co-Founder and CEO of Eigen Technologies, which offers an AI-based solution to document data processing.

Early on in this podcas, Lewis introduces the term 'human useless data' ("things like text, video and audio") and goes on to explain how Eigen's technology transforms this useless data into structured, useable data.

"Here at Eigen, we like to say that we are a 'no code', small data documents AI platform. And what we do is transform all sorts of different types of documents, which could be simple things like passports and W-2 forms – through to more complex things like quality assurance documents, which are really big in manufacturing. ... And we transform these documents into data that the digital enterprise can use further downstream, either into decision making analytics insights, or automated workflow processes."

Lewis goes on to explain the artificial intelligence technology that makes this transition from useless data to structuted, useable data.

To listen to more information on the use of AI and how Eigen Technologies' system can improve documentation, click here to listen to the podcast on Spotify; or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.


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