Series 6: Episode 3 – Key barriers to EV charging infrastructure

21st January 2022
Sam Holland

This episode of Electronics Specifier Insights sees Charlotte Morgan talking with Dunstan Power, the Managing Director of Versinetic, the EV charging consultancy, about the key barriers to EV (electric vehicle) infrastructure.

The discussion follows Dunstan Power's report named 'Key Barriers to EV Charging Infrastructure Rollout', which as Dunstan explains, covers such obstacles as the global component shortage, the limitations in the expertise of EV charging installers, and the ever-changing market landscape.

When asked about his main concerns in terms of EV infrastructure limitations, Dunstan explained that along with the component shortage there are longer-term issues such as the economic difficulties – as well as the physical difficulties – in introducing on-street charging points. "I see that as one of the knottiest problems that we have to deal with," says Dunstan.

Alongside his discussion of the main infrastructure concerns in the electric vehicle report, Dunstan also goes into more details on the component shortages, particularly the semiconductor shortage in the wake of COVID lockdowns. "Factories shut down," explains Dunstan, "demand disappeared. And so effectively, semiconductors weren't being made as they normally are."

On top of the general obstacles, this podast covers the question of how realistic the UK government's 2030 petrol and diesel car sales ban is. "I think you have to have a target," says Versinetic's CEO. "And 2030 is not a silly target. It's is a stretch ... a stretch target. But better to have a stretch target that is borderline realistic then to have a really lazy target, which the government knows is going to be another government's problem."

To listen to thoughts such as this on the UK's future of electric vehicles, as well as other discussions such as the shortage of EV know-how in mechanics, click here to listen on Spotify and click here to listen on Apple Music.


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