Series 6: Episode 10 – Five9 Extends its Digital Workforce Solutions

11th March 2022
Sam Holland

In this last episode of Series 6 of Electronic Specifier Insights, Charlotte Morgan talks to Callan Schebella, Executive VP of Five9, a cloud software company that focuses on human-sounding AI agents for contact centres.

The demands for customer service (particularly in call centres and contact centres) will always persist, and accordingly, many industries and companies are increasing their reliance on AI agents to help automate their responses to customer requests, complaints, and so on. Five9 aims to make this process as smooth as possible by using cloud-based software to ensure that such AI agents sound as human as possible in their voice and speech patterns.

As Callan explains: “There has [already] been text to speech technology – say, the kind of thing you get when you’re using your GPS in your car, or whether you’re using your Siri on your phone or something like that – that’s synthetic voice. But virtual voiceover technology is sort of like the next generation of that, where you can actually take somebody's actual voice talent, take it into a studio and synthesise their voice, so that you can have that voice represent your brand in your contact centre.

“It’s a relatively new technology, only really available because of the cloud. And we’re really excited. And our customers are very excited about being able to use it now.”

Callan goes on to explain the features that Five9's technology offers its customers, as well as the developments that the company has planned for the future.

For all this information and more, such as Callan's explanation of synthesised voices, virtual voiceovers, and cloud software, click here to listen to the podcast on Spotify; or click here to listen on Apple Podcasts.


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