Season 5 – Episode #10: Pen Test Partners on ethical hacking

26th November 2021
Sam Holland

Ken Munro, ethical hacker at Pen Test Partners, discusses ethical hacking, particularly in relation to embedded systems and the vulnerabilities that they are frequently susceptible to.

In this week's podcast, the key topic is the concerning number of security flaws that Ken Munro and the rest of Pen Test Partners have found in various embedded systems, such as those relevant to smart devices, automotive systems, and internet of things technologies.

In fact, Ken points out that the IoT has proved a "game changer" for him, because a major problem in the Internet of Things is that "when we move to the IoT, we're paying for the product, [and] in many cases, I think the problem is we don't really understand the value of our privacy in our own data".

As discussed in this podcast, a major solution to the increasing number of IoT-related concerns, as well as other major embedded security pitfalls, is to offer an engaging, informative ethical hacking service to clients: "helping people take those steps," says Ken, "to lock themselves down – and make sure that they can't be trivially compromised – is a big thing for us."

Click on the play button to hear the podcast, and you can also listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

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