Season 3 - Episode #6 - EVs – battery as a service

14th May 2021
Joe Bush

It’s no secret that electric cars offer a bright future for transportation and can provide a number of benefits - from saving consumers’ money to reducing environmental impact.

However, despite their tangible benefits, something has always held them back: Time. Even modern electric cars require at least an hour to go from empty to fully charged. And so there’s no way to take that cross country road trip you’ve been dreaming of without stopping for a 30 minute to one hour charge.

Today we’ll be speaking to Joseph Notaro, Vice President of Worldwide Automotive Strategy and Business Development for ON Semiconductor, who thinks there's a better method. What if there was a new 'as a Service' model, just like SaaS, but for a car? Just like the self-serve gas stations of yester-year, a team of trained professionals could swap out your entire battery faster than you could say 'fill ‘er up, please!'

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