Season 3 - Episode #1 - The future of drone delivery in urban areas

9th April 2021
Joe Bush

In a bid to realise the future of autonomous airborne delivery, Airwayz is taking part in a two-year pilot programme that will see drone delivery tested above and beyond any other scheme of its kind. In a world-first, drones will operate in mesh networks in Hadera, just north of Tel Aviv, to validate the safe and efficient integration of drone deliveries in urban environments.

Drone delivery has the potential to dramatically increase the safety, speed and efficiency of transport systems across the globe. However, so far, we’ve only seen these types of pilot schemes test drones moving back and forth across a corridor of airspace. This restricts the number of drones that can work in an area and risks whole operations being abandoned if any part of the corridor becomes inoperable mid-mission.

This way of working in corridors is both inefficient and presents a major barrier to commercial enterprises looking to scale-up use of drone technology. This pilot scheme will demonstrate how drones can operate in a mesh, using AI technology to react safely to real-time situations, whilst also maximising the operational efficiency and ROI for commercial drone users involved in delivery, mapping, surveillance and more.

In the latest installment of the Electronic Specifier Insights podcast we speak to Airwayz’ CEO, Eyal Zor about the pilot programme and the future of drone delivery in urban areas.


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