Season 2 - Episode #9 - Raising awareness and innovation in hearing technology

19th March 2021
Alex Lynn

The 3rd of March saw world hearing day across the globe, and to mark the occasion, the Electronic Specifier Podcast caught up with Mimi, a company using technology to bring people of all hearing capabilities a tailored audio experience. 

The company is launching their global hearing index this month, and we spoke with Phillip Skribanowitz, Founder and CEO of Mimi, to find out what opportunities for innovation there are in technology sector in relation to hearing.

Headphone manufacturers, TV makers and luxury electronics all have the chance to improve the audio experience for everyone, so what new technologies might be waiting on the horizon? Mimi is working on tailor made audio experiences, based on your own personal hearing abilities – we all hear differently, so wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get crystal clear sound, with the right primary to ambient blend for your ears, no matter what you are listening to? For example, as we get older, we find it harder to differentiate multiple sounds, so what can technology do to compensate?

Skribanowitz comes from a background in mechanical engineering and is interested not only in optimising sound, but also creating technology that can help to keep people’s hearing healthy, and prevent deterioration.

Skribanowitz believes that compared to our other senses, hearing is remarkably underserved when it comes to technology, which is surprising given how integral it is to how we experience the world around us. We all like listening to music, and so many types of entertainment include an auditory element, after all. So what more can be done to raise awareness about hearing loss? In the podcast Skribanowitz has lots of ideas for what we can all be doing, especially from the perspective of innovators with the power to change and enhance existing technology.

Tune in below to hear everything that Skribanowitz had to say about the future of hearing technology.

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