Season 2 - Episode #5 - Fan experience technology

19th February 2021
Joe Bush

As the COVID-19 vaccine is continuing its roll-out we are all holding out hopes of returning to sporting events, concerts and theatres sooner rather than later.

With the goal of bringing fans back to stadiums and arenas in the UK, organisations are investing in technology that is going to ensure that visitors have the confidence to do so. The innovation cycle is seeking everything from developments in mobile ticketing, and clear and real-time information directly from teams/venues, to ways in which toilet queues can be reduced. 

Given the uptake of these technologies, and in the build up to this year's Superbowl, we spoke to Don White, CEO of Satisfi Labs, and Charlie Greenwood, Founder of Sports Loft, about how the industry has leaned on disruptive solutions for implementing a safer fan experience.

For this Electronic Specifier Insights podcast they will discuss:

  • The innovations being deployed to make fans feel confident and excited in returning to venues
  • The behavioral changes of spectators and how platforms are adjusting to a more personalised fan experience
  • The future technology that will revolutionise the fan experience at-home and in-stadium (Voice Technology, AR/VR, Future Answer Subscription)
  • How companies like SportsLoft are connecting companies like a Satisfi with industry leaders
  • How clubs are investing their dollars moving forward and the investment community as they see promise in innovating sports, venues and festivals
  • How sports is bridging the digital transformation to entertainment (from theatre to music festivals to real estate - think Outernet)

Satisfi Labs works with over 200 clients including top teams from all major sports leagues, including Nascar, NHL Seattle, Los Angeles Football Club, and Minnesota Vikings. Satisfi Labs is backed by major investors including Google, MLB, Red Light Management, and TechStars. 

Sports Loft is the hub that brings together the global sports and media tech ecosystem in London. They provide the very best sports tech companies with access to leading investors and senior industry execs and provide sports organisations/investors with access to the most exciting high growth tech companies. Its members are companies that can really excite the industry across seed, series A and Series B - we will only focus on sports and media tech as it is where we can add maximum value.


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