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Palomar Technologies offers free webinar

14th February 2022
James Anstee

Palomar Technologies has announced they are offering a webinar discussing the differences between ball bonding and wedge bonding.

In today’s world of semiconductor packaging, over 85% of packages have some form of wire or wedge bond, be it ball bonding, wedge bonding, flip-chip or chip attach. Of those, ball bonding is substantially more frequently used than any other package interconnect method. But, why would a process engineer choose a wedge bonder over a ball bonder or vice versa as they are so closely related?

This has been the question of most process engineers because, generally speaking, the electrical characteristics of the semiconductor package are affected by the method of wire bonding.  However, there are cases where certain packages have physical constraints such as temperature limitation (low heat or no heat applications), such as the use of aluminium wire instead of gold, use of ribbon instead of wire and fine pitch application. Knowing which bonding method to choose is important to a successful package.

This free webinar, “The Great Debate: Ball Bonding vs Wedge Bonding” will cover the applications for ball bonding and wedge bonding and what requirements need to be met for a successful bond.

The webinar takes place on February 23 at 8 am PST.  Registration is through the link below:

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