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Offering for first responders and frontline workers

21st March 2022
Beatrice O'Flaherty

Every organisation must be prepared to manage critical events, including operational disruptions, infrastructure outages, natural disasters, and pandemics.

Organisations are not only challenged to maintain continuity of operations during such events, but also to ensure the care and safety of their employees. Those tasked with managing these events – or those whose job functions take them into dangerous settings – require tools that help them be prepared for all scenarios. 

BlackBerry and Samsung, both veterans of keeping critical information flowing and secure, have partnered to address these needs by delivering the BlackBerry comprehensive CEM (Critical Event Management) solution using rugged Samsung Galaxy devices. The joint offering is optimised for first responders and front-line workers. 

BlackBerry Alert and BlackBerry AtHoc will improve communications and productivity by utilising two programmable keys on the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. With a single click, front-line workers can easily access essential features critical to their job and safety. The platforms also leverage device management capabilities through Samsung Knox to allow IT managers to monitor and configure application features on behalf of front-line workers, simplifying deployment and support.   

Paired with BlackBerry CEM, the Galaxy XCover Pro is an important new tool for protecting and empowering front-line workers, as well as those tasked with managing critical events in industries where employees are often placed in harm’s way.   

Darren Spurgeon, business change manager for Greater Manchester Police, which currently uses BlackBerry's AtHoc technologies, commented, “With BlackBerry AtHoc, the user experience of cascading reliable incident communications has been significantly improved. A single operator is now able to notify all key responders in less than 10 minutes, at the click of a button.  Collaborations such as this help us in getting time-critical information to the mobile devices carried by Officers, reliably and securely, further supporting the work of emergency response services.”

"For more than a decade, Samsung has provided enterprises with a military-grade device security and management platform, Samsung Knox, to protect secret and confidential information and enable productivity-driven frontline use cases through advanced hardware-level controls," commented James Pak, Vice President and Head of B2B Partnerships at Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. "The XCover Pro's ability to withstand the harshest conditions, coupled with the integration of BlackBerry Alert and AtHoc, ensures employee safety and provides a secure and reliable platform for critical incident management, making it the ideal device for frontline employees."

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