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MyER portal gives companies greater control of T&M assets

1st March 2021
Mick Elliott

Electro Rent has unveiled MyER, a portal developed to help its customers manage its test and measurement assets in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

It pulls together a host of options which will enable place holders to have an overall view of their companies’ assets, while assigning specific actions, calibration for example to engineers working on a project.

“Monitoring and optimising test and measurement assets can have a big impact in terms of efficiency and time to market,” says George Acris, Director of Digital Programs at Electro Rent.

The company has mined its 50 years of experience to deliver the portal. “For us to give advice we have to take care of our own assets. MyER is an embodiment of that experience and something we can offer customers,” adds Acris. 

Key information about rental and purchase contracts, asset details and documentation plus their whereabouts can all be rapidly retrieved. As a consequence, appropriate actions can be taken directly online, such as extending rental contracts, requesting calibration and assign assets to projects and cost centres. This approach safeguards against contract end dates being missed and ensures that asset visibility and sharing remains at the highest levels. By knowing where assets are located and required, it is possible to avoid keeping them at a location for longer than necessary - they can be reassigned to other projects instead.

A manager at top level can ensure return on investment capital (ROIC), an engineer can use MyER to book an instrument in for calibration at ER. The project manager gets a message and he can ensure the budget is available. Continuing that example once the calibration is completed, the certificate can be downloaded onto MyER.

And a date for the next calibration check is automatically registered. Transparent system at all levels.

“Information can be managed and shared with one click,” Acris explains. “So users can find equipment quickly which saves time and improves utilisation. The portal can encompass all job functions.”

Engineering teams can source equipment, view technical information and asset data.

Calibration and metrology users can access asset information, calibration status and certificates of calibration. “Its downloadable information all in one place,” says Acris.

Programme and project managers will be able to manage users, projects and control costs centres.

Explains Acris, “For example if a company is handling a 5G roll out, managers can ensure assets are assigned where they are needed, they can keep track of T&M assets in the field and in the laboratory.”

He cites five key benefits. “It enables users to find equipment fast and that improves utilisation. MyER gives the ability to manager project schedules and cost centres. Users can ensure the right assist are available when needed. Users can optimise decisions using dashboard intelligence. And by managing rental extensions MyER enables users to save money by returning unwanted rental assets.”

Other features will enable users to search for new equipment by manufacturer if they have a preferred supplier. The portal also enables Electro Rent to keep customers informed on upcoming promotions and new equipment released into the rental market.

The portal will be available to Electro Rent customers globally, at no extra cost.


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