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LIDAR sensor line joins Mouser’s global network

3rd February 2021
Mick Elliott

Mouser Electronics has added LIDAR sensors and modules to its portfolio by signing a global distribution deal with Benewake.

The agreement enables Mouser to offer Benewake LiDAR solutions for use in applications such as autonomous vehicles, drones, intelligent transport systems, robots, smart home, and warehouse logistics and management.

TF02-Pro LiDAR mid-range distance sensors are single-point ranging sensors with improved accuracy of different reflectivity, which allows stable, accurate, sensitive, and high-frequency range detection.

With a detecting range up to 40 meters, the components also offer up to 100 Klux ambient light resistance and up to 1000 Hz frame rate.

TF03-180 LiDAR long-range distance sensor is an industrial-grade light detection and ranging distance sensor with a maximum detection range of 180 meters.

The sensor integrates a compensating algorithm for outdoor glare and other interference, allowing engineers to incorporate it into strong light environments and rain, fog, and snow conditions within a temperature range of minus 25 to 60 degrees Celsius.

TFmini Plus single-point ranging LiDAR modules provide a small, low-cost, and low-power-consumption solution with increased measurement frequency, reduced blind zone, and improved accuracy and stability in an IP65-rated enclosure.

The devices are compatible with both UART and I²C interfaces that engineers can switch via commands.

The CE30-C 3D solid-state LIDAR sensor provides detailed real-time 3D point cloud data that is widely used to detect location or avoid objects.

With no mechanical rotating component, the CE30-C provides high reliability and stability. The sensor offers configurable parameters for the output switch, frame rate, and IP address.

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