Ynvisible partners with Digety to provide locatable tags

23rd January 2023
Kiera Sowery

Ynvisible is partnering with digital label provider Digety to offer retail customers real-time locatable (RTL) digital tags.

Digety’s tags are enabled with Ynvisible’s printed e-paper technology. 

Digety’s HangTag is designed to be easily and inconspicuously attached to loose items, such as clothing. Due to its elegant design, thin shape and light weight, it is suitable for replacing conventional paper labels and article surveillance tags. The integrated Ynvisible-provided product makes it possible to display critical information in a thin, flexible, printed e-paper solution that is both cost-effective and energy efficient. In addition, the tag provides a special security mechanism to alert unauthorised removal of the tag from merchandise, and the use of RTLS technology makes the tag localisable, so items can always be tracked.

“These new tags can do more than just wireless communication,” said Marc Lebherz, Founder of Digety. “The implementation of state-of-the-art direction-finding technology enables real-time localisation of merchandise, with the help of appropriate back-office infrastructure.

"However, the real issue in the retail sector is that retailers have little insight into the buying behavior of their customers in real-time and can therefore often not respond quick enough to changes. The real-time price-setting option on the HangTag allows retailers to run analytics on pricing and purchasing trends, allowing them to have the knowledge at their fingertips at all times,” he concluded.

“Our partnership with Digety enables a whole new dimension to be benefitted from,” explained Felix Karlsson, Business Development for Ynvisible. “Aside from the much-improved price-point of our e-paper solution, our technology is completely customizable making it highly flexible based on our customers’ needs. Digety is not only benefitting from the reduced cost, but also the ability to design HangTags that can be tailored to a multitude of requirements.”

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