XTX Markets announces launch of new machine learning division

23rd February 2024
Sheryl Miles

XTX Markets, an algorithmic trading company, is excited to announce the launch of XTY Labs, a new machine learning division to be headed by newly appointed Research Director, Dr. Atlas Wang.

XTY Labs is set to become a hub for elite machine learning researchers and will be home to the new 'XTY Labs AI Residency Program', offering researchers short-term AI residency contracts ranging from 6–12 months.

The programme is designed to provide elite researchers with the freedom, guidance, and resources to create machine learning solutions tailored for the complexities of finance.

Award-winning, machine learning specialist Dr. Atlas Wang will lead XTY Labs. He brings a wealth of experience and extensive expertise in machine learning, optimisation, and AI technologies to the role.

“With a world-class team, unparalleled resources, and a culture that fosters pioneering research, the XTY Labs is poised to become the crucible of next-generation financial technologies."

“The programme is designed to match the experience of XTX researchers as closely as possible and it's a fantastic opportunity for some to eventually transition into the core quant team at XTX.

“We look forward to supporting and nurturing the AI residents and seeing the developments from XTY Labs in the coming years.''

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