Upcoming guide on intelligent automation announced

16th May 2022
Sam Holland

Introducing a new book that intuitively covers many aspects of digital innovation in various industries, particularly the field of intelligent automation.

This new bookThe A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation: A Line of Business Manager’s Practical, was written by Kieran Gilmurray and developed in association with Virtual Operations.

It is designed to be a practical guide for today's business managers who need to rapidly embark on the digital transformation journey but want to avoid the headaches.

Nick Andrews, Founder of Virtual Operations, comments: “Virtual Operations volunteered to sponsor this book because it is high quality, honest, and has enormous practical value. It isn’t theory, it’s best practice and is the distillation of knowledge and wisdom from many of the best in the business globally. It’s also easy to read, often light-hearted, but always thoughtful and factual.”

This ground-breaking practitioner's guide has been curated by Kieran Gilmurray with the help of over 90 experts and trusted colleague practitioners within the industry keen to share their hard-earned wisdom. For three decades the author has helped businesses drive technology transformation programs using digital technologies at small, medium, international, and global organisations.

Says key industry figure, Francis Carden, VP of Intelligent Automation and Robotics at Pegasystems: “This book on digital enablement is not only a book of how to get there, but it is also full of pragmatic warnings about the roadblocks you will see along the way. Don’t wait to learn the hard way. Read The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation instead … it’s going to save you a lot of money on paracetamol.”

Frustrated by the lack of unbiased and, in many instances, exorbitant costing solutions in this sector, Kieran decided to pull the collective wisdom of decades of experience together to encourage open innovation and information sharing. Knowledge in any industry is integral to growth so this A to Z guide has been created to help advance the digital transformation sector.

Kieran comments: “I wish I had access to all this knowledge when I started out on my own digital transformation journey. The least I can do is share the wisdom of my peers with others so that they don’t make the same mistakes and hit the same stumbling blocks I did.”

“My aim is to simply help businesses improve their operational efficiency, reduce their costs and boost their profitability using intelligent automation, data analytics, AI, and social media”.

As Pascal Bornet, Chief Data Officer at Area Technology and Author of Intelligent Automation explans: “Intelligent automation is a journey, not a destination: it is a never-ending transformation, with many challenging roadblocks along the way. To be forewarned is to be forearmed and this accessible book is a must read for anyone embarking on this path, at whatever stage.”

James Swinford, CEO of Virtual Operations, comments; “Until now the automation narrative has always been delivered with a vested interest from RPA providers, researchers, big system integrator companies and others with their own agenda.”

The guide is comprised of knowledge from expert practitioners and early adopters of intelligent automation, whose thoughts and advice are drawn entirely from experience.

A copy of The A-Z of Organizational Digital Transformation can be pre-ordered at Amazon.

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