Ultrasonic welding equipment used to produce face masks

8th April 2020
Alex Lynn

Hilpert electronics is the sales partner of the Japanese company Avio for the DACH region, Northern and Eastern Europe and usually operating in the electronics manufacturing sector. But Avio's ultrasonic welding equipment can also be used in the production of medical products, for example face masks. Here they can simplify and accelerate the manufacturing process.

Ultrasonic welding is a very fast and precise process that has been used in various product fields, such as the automotive industry, food production, packaging industry or office equipment manufacturing. Due to the characteristics, ultrasonic welding is very well suited for joining plastic parts and foils (thermoplastics). 

The straightforward use and the short cycle times are especially suitable for producing large quantities in a short time. For example, the attaching of elastic straps to face masks can be accelerated and simplified.

"I think that in a time when face masks are subject of high demand, every second counts in order to manufacture as many masks as possible in the shortest possible time," said Axel Tschumi Sales Manager of Hilpert AG. The welding device HW-D250H-28 offered by AVIO can be used manually as well as in combination with a robot or other kinematic solutions.

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