PR Encoder for limited space, safety requirements, and reliability

17th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

EBE sensors + motion presents the rotary encoder ESC17 mini SAFETY, for environments with limited space, demanding safety requirements, and the need for reliability.

The ESC17 mini series comprises compact encoders based on the well-established HALL principle. The latest addition, the ESC17 mini SAFETY, enhances input safety through redundancy.

The ESC17 mini SAFETY utilises magnetic detection for rotary movement and button signals, resulting in minimal wear and high reliability. It features 16 locking positions, offering pleasant haptic feedback through a ball-spring latch. This technology is already utilised in products like the ESC17 mini and its relatives in the ESC17 series, as well as in electromechanic predecessors such as the SC17 and BG17. The latching mechanisms in the ESC17 mini family are designed for several hundred thousand rotations and scanning movements and can be customised to client specifications.

Protection against ESD discharges according to IEC 61000-4-2 is assured in installed condition, with the rotary encoder excelling in respective tests. The ESC17 mini is resistant to EMC disturbances, for example, according to DIN EN 12895, ensuring consistent operation without negative impact.

With two independent HALL sensors, the rotary and tactile signal is redundantly detected. In the event of an error, a separate signal is emitted via a dedicated PIN, ensuring reliable and safe operation.

Robust and compact

Measuring 17 x 19mm (L x W) with an installation height of 11mm below the front plate, the rotary encoder is notably more compact than similar products. Its robustness makes it ideal for use in compact, mobile devices like defibrillators or handheld terminals for machine tools, robots, and cobots. Its resistance to water and dust, particularly when installed against a front plate, also makes it suitable for extreme conditions, such as in CNC machine operating units, municipal vehicles, forestry, agriculture, construction machines, and their handheld terminals. It's especially relevant where reliable redundant signal input and detection with error recognition is crucial in areas where people might be near the machinery.

Adaptations for special requirements

EBE sensors + motion offers customisable solutions through a smart modular system, allowing for adaptations to different applications.

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