OKdo, LAIIER deal targets smart building market

22nd September 2022
Mick Elliott

OKdo, part of RS Group Plc, has announced an exclusive manufacturing and distribution partnership with LAIIER for its Surface to Cloud smart buildings solution.

The  technology allows for intelligent liquid sensing on surfaces by combining printed sensors with LoRA technology at a cost-effective price for its customers.

The new relationship allows for LAIIER to leverage the strengths of OKdo’s global manufacturing capabilities and distribution channels via direct channels, well-placed partners and through the RS Group. The agreement places both companies at the cutting edge of a $80.62 billion market opportunity.

LAIIER's Surface to Cloud solution is designed to reduce costs associated with damage and inefficiencies in smart buildings through early warnings for events like water leaks. Detecting as little as two drops of water, the unique sensors are fitted via smart tape, allowing for easy installation and wide application usage.

These solutions are scalable and precise.

A single printed sensor can monitor up to four square metres while remaining precise enough to detect the smallest of leaks.

A powerful tool in remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, LAIIER’s printed sensors are connected to LoRaWAN-enabled, battery-powered hardware devices that communicate with the cloud for immediate feedback and preventative action.

CEO & Founder of Fast Company listed LAIIER, Matt Johnson said, “We’re very excited to be working with OKdo as an exclusive manufacturing and distribution partner. Over £1B is paid out annually on water leak claims in the UK alone. In the US, 40% of total commercial insurers' annual claims are related to water leak damage and the talented team here at LAIIER® has created a solution that reduces that in a precise, cost-effective and scalable way.”

LAIIER is a predictive maintenance and continuous monitoring solution for commercial property insurers and facilities management, and transformative technology for building materials manufacturers seeking to add digital capabilities to analogue products.

The partnership enables customers to collaborate with the skilled engineers at OKdo who have the licence and capability to create bespoke, customised hardware designs to further proliferate the technology.

Rich Curtin, Co-Founder and CTO of OKdo, said, “Here at OKdo, we’re focused on conquering the smart world with smart solutions for our customers and the partnership with LAIIER® is just another example of how we’re doing that. We have robust manufacturing and distribution capabilities and are always looking to support businesses that are working to design a better world.”

Furthering their customer-centric approach, OKdo and LAIIER can customise the technology to detect more than water, including bulk solids such as grain, sugars, powders and hydrocarbons as well as other liquids.

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