MK:5G Accelerator Programme is now open for applications

10th August 2020
Alex Lynn

The new MK:5G Accelerator launched on 10th August to assist SMEs and startups with innovative and sustainable ideas in the area of 5G to excel their business with wider economic benefits.

The MK:5G Accelerator is in partnership with the Milton Keynes Council led MK:5G project which is funded by its collaborating partners and South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) via its Local Growth Fund programme.

Focused around four key innovation challenges, the launch of the accelerator programme is a call for start-ups and SMEs with innovative ideas to exploit the benefits of 5G technology.

These innovation challenges for this accelerator programme include:

  • Mobility Data - Leverage real-time data and advanced analytics to increase sustainability,  efficiency and resilience of the transport system and reduce costs, improve traveller satisfaction and improve air quality.

  • Health & Wellbeing - Increase the quality of care or the number of individuals that can be monitored, supported, diagnosed or treated outside of medical facilities.

  • Low Carbon Energy - Accelerate mass uptake of low-carbon energy solutions by the wider population; helping to reach ambitious carbon reduction targets.

  • Energy Data - Capture more detailed data relating to energy usage to prioritise innovative  energy saving measures to implement in residential, commercial or industrial buildings, such that energy reduction is optimised.

Alex Weedon, Director of SME Development and Academic Engagement at Connected Places Catapult said: “It’s great to see a new accelerator programme focusing on this new and fast-growing industry in the UK. If you have an interesting idea for one of our challenges, we really encourage start-ups and SMEs to apply and show us their innovative ideas.”

Applications are now open until 7th September, after which 10 applicants will be selected to take part in the programme. 

Peter Marland, Leader of Milton Keynes Council said: “This provides a unique opportunity to lead innovation in three challenge areas we believe are fundamental to the delivery of truly smart city of the future. Working with the SME and startup community will tap into the talent and creativity we have in the area, supporting economic growth at a time when it is perhaps required more than ever.”  

Hilary Chipping, Chief Executive SEMLEP said: “The South East Midlands, and Milton Keynes specifically, has a wealth of business expertise in smart technologies. As we work to rebuild our economy across the Oxford-Cambridge Arc, innovation realised through MK:5G will help create better places, with greener and cleaner ways of working, travelling and living. 

For more information on the programme and to register your interest by Monday 7th September, click here

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