Improved efficiency for companies using Connext DDS

29th May 2020
Alex Lynn

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) has presented its newly updated RTI Customer Portal to improve efficiency for companies using Connext DDS software. Besides offering better technology for architecting software systems, solving challenges faster through RTI tools and helping to reduce time to market for distributed systems, it provides overall efficiency across the board.

RTI reconstructed their customer portal to ensure maximum value for companies. In addition to new content, the RTI Customer Portal has been re-engineered with a modern interface for improved content discovery, as well as new features that should take the ease of working with the software framework provider to a new level. 

This upgrade comprises the use of the RTI Connext family of products and services, all the way through to documentation, case management and customer support. Additionally, there is a full spectrum of upgrades available to improve Case Management. Many of the new features are based on actual customer feedback.

New and updated features:

  • Flexible filtering of downloads and documentation: Faster navigation to specific content.
  • Upgraded security: Even more secure sessions due to the elimination of cross-site cookies.
  • Optimization for modern browsers: Superior browser performance for Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge, and better automatic display options.
  • Simplified customer login: Only one credential for all accesses, even across multiple accounts, including the ability to view cases across multiple projects.
  • Raised file size limit: Ability to attach files up to 2GB directly from the portal.
  • Improved customer experience: All updates to a case, including emails and case comments, from one centralized location. Expanded comments functionality for copying colleagues on notes and messages, making it easier to keep key personnel in the loop.
  • Faster global download speed: Increase in speed and ability to access downloads across multiple projects, all from the same location.

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