Kontron introduces FuSa Application-Ready Platform

23rd November 2021
Kiera Sowery

Kontron is expanding its portfolio of IoT/embedded computer technology with a modular and universal safety controller up to SIL Level 3 or PLe, Cat4 in the form of an M.2 2242 FuSa (functional safety) expansion card.

It contains pre-configured safety functions and can be integrated into a wide variety of computer platforms. For this purpose, Kontron offers an industrial PC pre-certified according to IEC 61508 as an Application-Ready Platform for application-specific solutions, primarily targeted for large OEMs. This way, the controller (IPC) and safety (integrated FuSa expansion card) merge to form a system-open, space-saving and modularly expandable safety controller.

All safety-related functions are implemented in the small M.2 FuSa expansion card in the 2242 form factor (22 x 42mm) with Key B and M. The card can be integrated into a wide range of host systems and allows the communication with external Safe EtherCAT devices via FSoE (Fail Safe over EtherCAT) using a so-called 'Black Channel'. An EtherCAT master on the host system also enables the joint communication of non-safety-related and safety-related data via a single cable connection.

The modular concept with implementation of the pre-certified FuSa expansion card in the KBox A-150-WKL industrial PC enables flexible expansion options for the safety-related system structure with additional safety functionalities. The most important motion safety functions are already integrated in the FuSa expansion card (STO/SBC, SS1, SS2/SOS, SLS, SDI, SP, SLP, SSR, SSM) and logical links are available, so that up to eight axes can be monitored with a possible cycle time of 1ms.

The industrial PC manages the communication via the EtherCAT master; in doing so, the entire remaining computing power can be made available, for example, for other non-safety-related control applications or data processing.

This provides a high degree of system integration and an individual safety control system can be implemented in the smallest possible space, in effect without any additional installation space. The already integrated logical links and safety functions can be easily configured via a PC tool. This also supports network configuration, configuration management, user management, commissioning, troubleshooting and diagnostics. A starter kit is planned for the future.

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