Fluke celebrates engineering innovation on World Engineering Day

4th March 2022
Kiera Sowery

Fluke has announced the launch of an exclusive video series to celebrate engineering innovation in recognition of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.

Listen to real engineers

The online video series showcases the views of Fluke’s industrial and electrical test engineers on the role engineers play in ensuring sustainability, the importance and impact of engineering on the modern world and the future of the industry. Personal stories outlining what inspired each engineer to get into the industry are also featured in the series, with the goal to inspire future generations to consider a career in engineering.

Paul Feenstra, Vice President EMEA at Fluke said: “We are very proud to acknowledge the invaluable contribution engineers make in changing our world for the better. As part of World Engineering Day, we wanted to celebrate engineering innovation by sharing the voices of Fluke’s own dedicated team of engineers. Every day, engineers continue the great work of their predecessors, finding new solutions to overcome critical challenges and safeguard our future. Engineers deserve more credit than the single day that is dedicated to them.”

Building a sustainable future

Rick Rodriguez, Mechanical Hardware Engineer at Fluke recently comforted his young son after he expressed concerns about the future of the world, stating: “There are a lot of very creative and passionate people right now, out there addressing the issues – and the one that plays centre stage is the engineer.”

Han Tran, an Electrical Engineer and Industrial Application Specialist at Fluke, agreed with this sentiment. For Han, the goal of celebrating World Engineering Day is “to make sure that younger engineers see that it is possible for people who are not always seen in engineering to be part of engineering”.  

A global celebration of engineers and engineering

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development presents an opportunity to highlight the achievements of engineers and engineering in the modern world and improve public understanding of how engineering and technology are central to sustainable development. March 4 is the founding day of the World Federation of Engineering Organisation (WFEO), an international association dedicated to representing the engineering society of the world.

Fluke offers special thanks to Marcella Bennet, David Gibson, Han Tran, Levi and Zoe Cline, Jennifer Bronson, Rick Rodriguez, Jessica Woods, Naveena Vemulapalli, Mark Bakker, Dileepa Prabhakar and Alexander Bardakov for dedicating their time and sharing their knowledge as part of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.

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