Bourns' new EdgMOV: compact surge protection

6th January 2024
Sheryl Miles

Bourns, a specialist manufacturer and supplier of electronic components for power, protection, and sensing solutions, has introduced its advanced, space-saving EdgMOV varistor series that offers breakthrough surge protection performance in a space-saving design.

Transformative in letting designers determine the size and level of surge protection for a given application, Bourns EdgMOV varistor series is available in multiple model options, enabling designers to specify a higher surge rating with lower clamping voltage or the same surge rating with a smaller diameter protection solution.

The additional flexibility afforded with EdgMOV disc varistors also lets designers select a higher MOV voltage, while maintaining the same clamping voltage, which, in turn, helps reduce the potential of MOV leakage current that is known to cause failures.

Offered in four model family sizes; 7mm, 10mm, 14mm, and 20mm, with nominal current ratings of 1.5kA, 3kA, 5kA, and 8kA, respectively, EdgMOV disc varistors are designed to match common MOV footprints, allowing for drop-in replacement without any PCB redesign.

Bourns EdgMOV varistors deliver comparable surge ratings of the next larger size of conventional MOV components.For example, a 10mm Bourns EdgMOV surge protector is rated for 3kA nominal current (15 operations), which is comparable to a current typical 14mm standard MOV (typically also rated at 3kA nominal current).Conversely, if a designer is looking to increase primary protector performance without increasing its size, a similarly-sized EdgMOV protector can be selected to replace the existing MOV, providing enhanced performance in the same package size.Another advantage is that the coating material used is rated for use up to 105°C, which is higher than the standard 85°C.UL requires components that are rated higher than 85°C to undergo 1000 hours of an aging test, helping to increase maximum equipment lifespan for end users.

The Bourns® EdgMOV™ disc varistor series is available now. These models are RoHS compliant* and halogen free**.

*RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015 and Annex.

**Bourns considers a product to be “halogen free” if (a) the Bromine (Br) content is 900ppm or less; (b) the Chlorine (Cl) content is 900ppm or less; and (c) the total Bromine (Br) and Chlorine (Cl) content is 1500ppm or less.

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